Proper food in ultra-convenient forms

We help you build better habits for the long run, with delicious, ultra-convenient food that is suitable for sustained, long term use. All our products are:

Made with whole foods

Most of us will benefit from having more plant-based, whole foods in our diet. So we've formulated our food primarily with multi-grains, seeds, fruits and vegetables.

Minimally processed

None of our food is subject to any harsh chemical processing. So you get all of the naturally occurring nutrients from the whole-food ingredients we use, and none of the nasties like chemical residues.

Packed with protein and fiber

Protein and fiber play a critical role in keeping us full for little calories. Protein is also essential for many functions – like hair and skin health, and recovery. With our products, you can easily get in adequate protein without eating copious amounts of meat.


All of our food products are designed to keep you full for little calories. So you can effortlessly land within your caloric limit for the day.

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